Wednesday, 14 November 2007

El País [13]

Ilustración de portada para un suplemento de El País sobre los pueblos de Sevilla, publicada en Octubre de 2007.
Gouache y acrílicos.
Cover illustration for a weekend supplement of El País about the villages of Seville (Andalucía, Spain). Published on October, 2007.
Gouache and acrylics.


Ciaran said...

Beautiful painting. The man with the guitar made me think of Picasso's 'old man with guitar'. Did Picasso ever live in Seville? I thought he was from Malaga or something..
Anyway, the composition (her dress especially) and playfulness with the sense of depth are brilliant. The texture, more than ever, is amazing. I got the talens gouache paints last week, I love them but it'll be a while I think before I'll be able to get this sense of depth.
Please keep submitting paintings, it makes my day :)

Anonymous said...